The 30s with a pinch of salt

‘Black Thursday and the ‘Stock Market Crash of 1929’ put an end to half-baked investment ideas and the dream of getting rich, a dream embraced by hundreds of thousands in an eyeblink. They did not know that this particular trick could be pulled off only by insiders, and sometimes not even by them. At the end of the 20s suddenly everybody thought of themselves being a stock market expert and would start buying shares on ‘margin call’ (the broker or the bank would loan the missing part from the buyers’ money). Continue reading The 30s with a pinch of salt

Kabbalistic Numerology

Numerology is the oldest psychic science with more than 10,000 years of history. Amazingly accurate, numerology is based on the idea that numbers reflect a divine order in the universe and that your name and birthday number vibrates in a particular frequency. By studying the energy of the qualities and characteristics of your numbers, numerology can show the pattern of your life and help determine the nature of each year, month and day…past, present, or future. Continue reading Kabbalistic Numerology

Trans Van Lines


  • Full Packing and Crating Services
  • Local and Long Distance
  • Inside Secured Storage
  • Piano Experts
  • Residential, Commercial and Office Moving
  • Commercial Delivery Service
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • In Business over 20 Years
  • Frequent Trips to Northern Michigan and Florida
  • Free Estimates with Expert Advice

Continue reading Trans Van Lines

Custom Dissertation Writing Services

Your dissertation or research project is probably the single most important project you will undertake whist at a higher learning institution and is often viewed as the true indicator of your capabilities as a student or researcher. But why is dissertation treated with so much importance? In writing dissertation, you are expected to be clear about methodology, procedures and rules you have used to gather and evaluate your argument. Writing a dissertation is one of those important things in your life that you would want done well. As a result, has dedicated very experienced dissertation writers to help you create a paper that depicts you as someone with high intellectual knowledge. Continue reading Custom Dissertation Writing Services

Should We Buy Trip Insurance for Morocco

Savvy Travelers Should Consider Purchasing Vacation Insurance

Are you looking into take a vacation to Morocco, but suspect that you may need to cancel your plans on short notice? Do you suspect that weather could be problematic, especially if you will be vacationing in a place subject to hurricanes? Is there a chance you could be required to attend to important business on short notice? Do you or your family members have health symptoms that might necessitate that you skip your trip to Morocco? Continue reading Should We Buy Trip Insurance for Morocco