Prague: Prague Castle

Enjoy magnificent beauty of largest ancient castle in the world (occupying area of almost 70.000 square meters) with our Prague tour! Prague Castle was always home of the kings of Bohemia and former Presidents of Czech Republic and today is still hiding marvelous Bohemian Crown Jewels in a secret room inside. Come to see beautifull St. Vitus Cathedral build inside Prague Castle on one of his courtyards. Enjoy look at Prague Castle guards standing still beside main entrance and much more! Continue reading Prague: Prague Castle

Club 18 – 30 Holidays in Ibiza

If you’ve been thinking about or planning a trip to Ibiza, then you’ve probably come across a few of the Ibiza 18 – 30’s holidays. Ibiza is the perfect party island and infamous for its clubbing experiences. With almost guaranteed amazing weather for the duration of your holiday and plenty of different activities no matter what you’re into, the 18-30 holidays in Ibiza are certain to be some of the best in the world.

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Should We Buy Trip Insurance for Morocco

Savvy Travelers Should Consider Purchasing Vacation Insurance

Are you looking into take a vacation to Morocco, but suspect that you may need to cancel your plans on short notice? Do you suspect that weather could be problematic, especially if you will be vacationing in a place subject to hurricanes? Is there a chance you could be required to attend to important business on short notice? Do you or your family members have health symptoms that might necessitate that you skip your trip to Morocco? Continue reading Should We Buy Trip Insurance for Morocco