Prague: Prague Castle

Enjoy magnificent beauty of largest ancient castle in the world (occupying area of almost 70.000 square meters) with our Prague tour! Prague Castle was always home of the kings of Bohemia and former Presidents of Czech Republic and today is still hiding marvelous Bohemian Crown Jewels in a secret room inside. Come to see beautifull St. Vitus Cathedral build inside Prague Castle on one of his courtyards. Enjoy look at Prague Castle guards standing still beside main entrance and much more! Continue reading Prague: Prague Castle

The 30s with a pinch of salt

‘Black Thursday and the ‘Stock Market Crash of 1929’ put an end to half-baked investment ideas and the dream of getting rich, a dream embraced by hundreds of thousands in an eyeblink. They did not know that this particular trick could be pulled off only by insiders, and sometimes not even by them. At the end of the 20s suddenly everybody thought of themselves being a stock market expert and would start buying shares on ‘margin call’ (the broker or the bank would loan the missing part from the buyers’ money). Continue reading The 30s with a pinch of salt