Own Your Situation

I had the opportunity this week to chat with a very bright young lady in the gym and the direction of our conversation brought one of my core beliefs to the forefront. I usually see this girl studying while on some piece of cardio equipment, and that is what she was doing when we started talking. While I usually get after her for wasting her time doing lame cardio, the fact that she is there burning some calories while studying her butt off does demonstrate her dedication and her desire to improve herself. That and I admit it’s hard to read notes from class while doing burpees.

I’ve had a few conversations with her and it’s become clear that she’s going places. She is finishing her degree, raising her son, and working for a very large company in an advanced position. When we chat the conversation usually gets into a philosophy of life and this one was no exception.

She indicated that she was studying to improve herself, get her degree, and give herself the power to create her path within the company she worked for, rather than give them the power over her. It’s that last part that is the biggest insight to her future success and what I’m going to talk about today. This conscious awareness of the power of her position shows that she’s made the decision to live the strength lifestyle. As long as she continues to live this lifestyle, she’ll find the success she’s looking for.

In this world, there are plenty of people who just go with the flow, allow others (their “superiors”) to make their decisions for them, and then whine when bad things happen to them. That’s not who you, as a reader of this blog, are or who you should be, though. If you believe in the pursuit of strength, either physically, mentally, or spiritually (actually, all three and I truly don’t feel that the three can be separated) then you’re not someone who just “lets” things happen to them.

Like I told her: In order to realize success, you need to take control of your life and your path. If you’re in a position with a company, person, or situation that doesn’t allow you to snap the reins and take control, then exercise your control and change that situation!

Look, people, this isn’t rocket science and it’s not some sort of “Secret” that the self-help gurus would like you to believe. There are no false smiles painted over a mask of pain and weakness here. Are you going to be more successful with a positive attitude? Maybe. Are you going to be more successful if you reach down, grab your ass in your hand, and get to stepping on changing your negative situation regardless of the smile (or lack thereof) on your face? Definitely.

Since the self-help gurus love to do these little exercises, I’ll go ahead and throw one out there for you.

1. Ask yourself what is holding you back or frustrating you in your life right now. Got an answer? Good. Now ask yourself why that situation is holding you back. Come up with a deeper cause? Now ask yourself why THAT situation is frustrating you. Keep asking “why” until you reach the root cause of your frustration.

2. Now that you’re wallowing in your frustrations, I want you to get a little mad. Go ahead. Get a bit pissed. Hell, get a lot pissed. THIS situation is what’s keeping you from the life that you want. Look at it. Wrap your head around it. You’ve now seen the enemy, and this is it.

3. Now change it. Easier said than done, sure, but create a plan and fix it. Until you take control of your life, any success you have is going to be by accident. Continue to search out and find your negative situation step by step. Hunt them down and dismantle them.

If you allow others to control your life, then you’re nothing but a servant. We don’t have room for servants in this tribe. If you came here looking for someone to tell you how to manage your life and take the blame from your situation off of your shoulders then you came to the wrong place.

I’m here to lead, educate, and guide you on your pursuit of strength and successful life. Nothing I say is going to matter unless you change your mindset to one of strength. The first step to doing that is to challenge the negative situations in your life and deal with them. From there you’ll find that life gains a great deal of clarity.