Best Practices Of Successful Bloggers That Make Them Different

How are successful bloggers different from the rest of the lot? For starters, they are… successful! Behind that success there is a lot of hard work, which cannot be taken in the form of a pill – there’s no shortcut. Wait! There is this one shortcut: you can start with some of the best practices that make these people the best at what they do.

These are not secrets, but unless you know about them you will never realize what difference following such simple habits can do to your blogging efforts. Without further ado, then, let’s head over to “Best Practices Of Successful Bloggers That Make Them Different”.
1. Ever Expanding Horizons:

Successful bloggers don’t just confine themselves to their niche. True, they frequently write ONLY on one subject and become an authority figure in it, but they are usually voracious readers – and listeners, and viewers.

They take in everything they find interesting and well written / produced. When you know more, you are more aware. Moreover, this awareness makes your writing stand apart.

The wider your knowledge about what others are thinking and in what interesting and innovative manner they are expressing themselves, the better you get at your own writing efforts.

2. The Best-Kept Secret Revealed! Read below

The secret is that they WRITE. This is not a joke. An ordinary author or blogger (or student) will chew their keyboard in absence of their pen for hours until they actually manage to type something. A successful blogger is in the habit of writing, and writing consistently.

Just as classical singers practice working on their vocal cords even when they have become names, so will good writers keep writing to maintain style and flow.

Besides, while thinking about writing is good practice, thinking AND writing are probably even better, especially when that is precisely what you’re calling as a blogger demands.

3. Connections Matter:

We are not talking about political connections that can get you out of a stew. Successful bloggers connect with their audience. They know that they actually have an audience! A lot of bloggers will only write about what they ‘think’ and ‘like’ and ‘feel’ – all the while presuming that there are takers for everyone and every kind of writing. Probably, but how many?

One common thing amongst most successful bloggers is a huge reader base. And that comes of the particular aspect of their writing style that can connect with a wide variety of people. This is empathy, and it matters in blogging as well as in life in general.

4. A Critical Issue:

This would be the way successful bloggers take criticism. Attitude is everything. Well, maybe not, but it matters – a lot. If your attitude towards adverse criticism is downright irritation, you have a bad attitude and, you are sans empathy.

You have no idea how to confront the unexpected – heck, you don’t even know how much to expect to begin with! Why would everyone love your writing? Moreover, how can you presume that you have nothing more to learn?

The best attitude to handling malicious criticism is to respond with humor and tolerance – because this helps you to grow more mature and that reflects in your writing. The best way to take constructive criticism is to learn from it. The best way to distinguish between malicious and constructive criticism is to keep an open mind and take criticism as something positive.

5. And Finally…

Successful bloggers know that although blogging is their life, their lives don’t depend upon blogging – not even if it is their way of earning a living. They know when to take a break and for how long. When you take something too seriously, it tends to consume you. It is actually possible to have too much of a good thing.

Best Practices Of Successful Bloggers That Make Them Different

Then, things begin to grow downhill – primarily because you have sucked all the interest out of the subject and turned it into a must-be-done labor of a job. Remember that thing about Jack and all work and no play?

And you are a real live human being with a personality. There’s no reason to hide behind carefully crafted starched collar phrases. It is okay to let people know who you are. It is okay to be not so formal.

It is perfectly alright to let your uniqueness show in your writing. One of the Best Practices of successful bloggers is to be yourself without being full of yourself.