What exactly are bunions?

Bunions are painful developments on the base of the large toe or foot thumb that may grow overtime when not using proper footwear. Characterized by a swelling and/or irritated and chafed skin at the base of the big toe and around the region it affects almost thirty percent of the women population in most western countries. Various causes can influence or help the development of bunions prior studies show that bunions are mostly hereditary in nature and its genetics that mostly play the role in their development. However, experts have also recently agreed that bunions can grow worse when wearing uncomfortable and restricting footwear.

Medically termed as hallux valgus bunions is the swelling and wrong positioning of bone, ligament, and tendon structures concerning the connecting tissue and bone structure of the thumbs of the feet. Medical studies have also attributed several factors to the formation of bunions that are actually related to other complications regarding structure of the feet such as flat footedness and abnormal bone structure. Bunions are usually recognizable when the large toe changes its angle towards the second toe and forms an identifiable lump at the base of the big toe. This is caused by the variation of the bone structure from the normal position and/or also by the swelling of the tissue between or around the bone structures of the big toe and the second toe.

Various medical treatments are available for bunion relief and the removal of bunions. For temporary or regular relief comfort pads can be bought and placed in shoes. Footwear should also be comfortable and open toed footwear with no heels can be helpful for bunion relief as well. Over the counter painkillers and prescribed medication can help as well. If there are no external wounds balm or ice packs can also be applied to ease the swelling. Massage and stretching exercises can also help in easing discomfort. Bunion products, like Bunion splints can also be used overnight to help in repositioning the affected areas and relieve pain. If in any case bunion discomfort and pain gets in the way of normal living then surgery would be the most effective solution.