Club 18 – 30 Holidays in Ibiza

Ibiza boat party

If you’ve been thinking about or planning a trip to Ibiza, then you’ve probably come across a few of the Ibiza 18 – 30’s holidays. Ibiza is the perfect party island and infamous for its clubbing experiences. With almost guaranteed amazing weather for the duration of your holiday and plenty of different activities no matter what you’re into, the 18-30 holidays in Ibiza are certain to be some of the best in the world.

What is an 18-30’s holiday?

But just exactly what is an Ibiza 18 – 30’s holiday? It is essentially a holiday package designed for young and fun loving people who want to party around the clock, soak up some gorgeous sun and generally mess around abroad. The package was originally designed by good old Thomas Cook, but has since been adopted by just about every UK holiday company around. It goes without saying that if you’re young and want a good time, then the 18 – 30’s holiday is a package just for you!

What does the 18 – 30’s holiday consist of?

As you’re probably aware, the 18 – 30’s holiday is a little cliché. Nevertheless, we love it all the same and it suits just about anyone with a thirst for alcohol, mingling and just all-out fun! A typical 18 – 30’s holiday flows a little something like this;

«  Your typical package flight and accommodation.

«  An informative yet fun meeting with your holiday representative to get those new friendships flowing.

«  Breakfast and dinner included in all half-board packages.

«  Foam parties, fun days out, boat parties (Check out Beautiful People Ibiza boat party) and various other non obligatory activities.

«  Nights out and bar crawls that are all planned out by your holiday representative so you get to hit the best bars on offer without making tough decisions and ending up in the dud bars along the way.

If you do choose an 18 – 30’s package, you’ll more than likely end up in a hotel or apartment situated in San Antonio. The great thing is though, you’ll more than likely be mixed in with an awesome group of fun loving, likeminded people – so it’s a fantastic social experience! The accommodation is a little on the basic side of things, but is usually smack bag in the middle of all the action so the only time you’ll spend there is when you’re sleeping it off or getting yourself dressed up for the next big thing!

Of course free will is absolutely fine and you should never feel obligated to stick with the holiday reps. However, with that being said, they do offer a fantastic way to explore bars and beaches on the island that you may accidentally miss by doing things independently. The choice is yours, but no matter what you do, the key thing is to have as much fun as possible! If you do end up in San Antonio and plan to venture out by yourself then you’ll find amazing places around every corner and plenty of places situated close by to wet your whistle!