How to Take Care of Your Catering Equipment

Used catering equipment

Catering equipment is a lot like machines. You must take good care of it in order to ensure utmost performance.

Here’s how to take care of your catering equipment:

1. Clean the frying equipment
Frying equipment needs extra care when it comes to cleaning, because they are exposed to large amounts of oil. The oil can cause damage due to the formation of grease.

To remove the grease stains, simply wash the used catering equipment with hot and soapy water.

2. Clean the butchery equipment
Wash the equipment with warm water and baking soda. This will keep all your tools clean and in good shape.

3. Take care of the refrigeration units
In catering, the refrigeration units are amongst the most costly pieces of equipment. Install these units away from any cooking appliances in order to avoid exposing them to heat.

Regularly wipe off the filters and compressors with a dry cloth. Make sure to maintain the proper temperature on these units. Avoid overfilling the unit as much as possible.

4. Attend to the gas pipes
Prevent any food from spilling on the gas pipes. Food on the pipes could invite insects and pests.

5. Prevent bacteria
Unclean second hand catering equipment can lead to the growth of bacteria. Bacteria and other germs can be harmful to your cooking gear, as well as your customers.

In order to prevent the growth of germs, regularly soak your equipment in carbonated soda and vinegar.

Wipe the gas pipes clean with warm water and detergent on a regular basis. Also, make sure that the pipes are replaced and inspected on a regular basis.

In a catering business, equipment is very costly. Good cleaning practices will prevent you having to repair or replace any items. Good maintenance will help make your investment go a long way.