Image Masking Service

Image masking in Photoshop

Any person interested in creating a product catalog understands how important it is to have the right images. Getting a good picture is possible but turning it into a perfect image to post online is where the greatest challenge lies. Fortunately, different photo editing techniques including image masking in Photoshop can transform your image into something you never thought possible. When combined with clipping path technique photo masking enables manipulation of photo features to create a perfect image for an ecommerce website. Image masking service is perfect for different situations where clipping path alone would not work such as when dealing with hair, fur, transparent images, and translucent images.

Our experts will help you get the best quality photo images for your site. Our designers are talented in different masking services such as color correction, multiple masking clipping manipulations, animation as well as photo correction service. We specialize in a variety of services including:

-Removing or knocking out background

-Isolating and cutting out images with no background

-Changing and customizing backgrounds

-Removing background colors

-Allowing hair masks, chiffon, and muslin masks

We serve a large client base that includes models and human images especially those needing hair masking. We work with images of animals because of the fur masking service. We will help transform images with translucent objects since these tend to make images appear blurred in not taken professionally. Fine edge jewelry images are also another area of our specialty. We can also transform natural images like trees, flowers, and landscapes. We specialize in channel masking services, advanced/ complex later masking, transparency masking, translucent image masking as well as collage masking. All you need to do is specify what type of services you need from us and our experts will be on it to deliver your projects within the agreed times.

Choosing to work with us is one of the best decision you will make for your project. Our designers understand the complex process of image masking thus will handle your project with a precision that guarantees excellence.