The complete guide on how to shape a beard

Beard Growth Oil

Trim your beard before Shaping

Make sure you have completely trimmed your beard. If not, read this guide on trimming your beard. Once you have completed that you should proceed to learn how to shape a beard!

Commencing your Beard Shaping

Hopefully, you have combed your beard out in the direction you want it to grow preferably using a thin comb. When doing this you should run your fingers through your beards to remove small hair.

Next, remove the longer untrimmed hair. Use a pair of scissors to cut off the wild long hair and use comb it out. Repeat this process until all long hair has been trimmed.

How to shape a beard: For long Beards

Many strive to grow a long beard but only a few achieve it. Even those who have grown a long beard often go beyond the fine line between looking cool and looking scraggy. Many people go overboard with trimming forgetting that the essence of growing a long beard is really have a long beard.

With that being said, here are the steps that will help you achieve a long beard. And how to shape a beard!

  1. Tools first: To restate it again. You will need a sharp barber scissors, fine-toothed comb and quality electric beard trimmer.
  1. Dry face only: If you have chosen to wash your hair, ensure your that your face is dry. Remember that before any trimming or shaping, you need to have your hair completely dry. Everything must be done dry, tidy and neat.
  1. Bring your beard to a state of harmony. To have perfect beard shape, you need to trim your long hair and achieve narrow look just below your chin. You will do this by combing your beard in the natural direction it grows. If you observe that hair is out place, you should trim it again using a barber scissors to cut off the wild hair to bring it achieve harmony.
  1. Once you have achieved harmony in your beard, you need use to comb commencing with either the left or right side. With the comb in your hand, comb a portion 2 or 3 times to soften it out until you can see a small portion of your hair coming through the teeth of your comb.
  1. Pick up your scissors to cut off the hair that has come through the teeth of comb.
  1. Gradually, you move up or down or left or right, repeating the process. You should always ensure that your clip the same amount of hair all the time.
  1. After you are done with one side your face, you move to the other side of your face. When you are done with both sides, it’s time to move to the center of your beard.
  1. A bit of caution, when shaving areas below your jawline, stretch out your skin for an even cut.
  1. Apply a shaving gel and use a shaver to shave areas round your neck that you want to be clear of any hair.
  1. After going through steps 1 – 7, you should have trimmed your beard. You should comb it again, repeating steps needed to remove any stray hair you might have missed.
  1. Finish your shaping by applying your beard balm to have that soothing feeling. Then you apply the beard growth oil to add moisture and shine to your hair.
  1. Lastly, comb your beard.

Now you should have learned how to shape a beard for longer beards.  Click here to read about how to shape a short beard.